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Interview with Frank Turner

Frank Turner is an English folk/punk singer-songwriter.
He has already released three albums: “Sleep Is For The Week” (2007), “Love Ire & Song” (2008) and “Poetry Of The Deed” (2009). He has also released three EP’s: “Campfire Punkrock” (2006), “The Real Damage” (2007) and “Rock & Roll” (2010).
Frank was the singer of the post hardcore band Million Dead until the band’s split in 2005.
Thanks to his great “folk songwriting, catchy melodies and punk passion”, Frank was invited to sign for the independent label Epitaph Records that belongs to Bad Religion’s guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Gurewitz once said: “Frank Turner’s music is a revelation to me.”

Frank Turner kindly accepted to answer a few questions. I hope you like to read this short interview. For me, it was an honor to make these questions to Frank!

1- How would you describe yourself for those who don’t know you?
I'm an English kid who grew up listening to punk rock but is now trying to make something like folk music.

2- What can your fans expect from your upcoming album, “England Keep My Bones”?
The new record I'm excited about (though I would say that!). I made it with my band, but it feels like more of a solo record than the last album that I did (Poetry Of The Deed). I think the songs are strong as hell, and I can't wait for people to hear it!

3- You played your biggest gig to date recently at the Brixton Academy. How did you feel playing in front of so many people that were there just to see you?
That was a pretty crazy day, very surreal. I have been doing this for a long, long time, and it's almost like I played to more people that night than in my first 300 gigs combined or something. It felt good, like hard work had paid off.

4- What bands have you been listening to lately?
Recently I've been listening to a lot of Lucero, and also some English folk stuff, like Ben Marwood, Emily Barker, Jim Lockey.

5- Last question, do you have any idea when you’re coming to Portugal?
Not 100% sure, but I have never been, so I want to come a lot! To play shows and to hang out. Hopefully before the end of this year.

I think all of you should listen to this amazing artist. He’s really talented. Frank will be touring around the world from April, so go to his website to see if he’s playing near you. If he does, don’t miss the chance of watching him live. You won’t regret.

Frank Turner’s upcoming album, “England Keep My Bones”, will be released on June 6. You can watch Frank performing live a new song from that album below. This song is called "If I Ever Stray".

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